Set Up Google Analytics and Google Search Console On Your Website

Help You to Take Data Driven Decision

Google Analytics and Search Console-SC are like X-ray and CT Scan for your website.

It is free tools offered by Google.

With perfectly implemented GA and SC tool, you will be able to know-

  • Performance of your website, with a benchmarked goal. ( for example number of inquiries received from website, download, or any other goal as you define)
  • Which search queries get visitors to your website. ( And which one you missing)
  • Most popular pages and least one of your site
  • % of visitors visiting with mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Time spent on website, and each page
  • Countries, cities where visitors are visiting
  • Number of visitors presently on your site
  • Is your website is safe or not
  • How google view your web pages

We help you to implement Google Analytics and Search Console and you if you already implemented, we will help you to understand the reports and take action for better performance.

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