Step-1-Know Your and Competitors Website

Rank and Results of A Website is Achieved With

Content of Website

Design of Website

Optimisation of Website

Comparative Analysis Of Your and Competitors Website on Above Criteria

Know Your Website-

  • The Title, Meta Description, Image Tag of your website
  • Page Load Comparison.
  • Mobile Friendly Website
  • % of visitors visiting with mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Time spent on the website, and each page
  • Countries, cities where visitors are visiting

Ranking Check-

Why It matter-

Higher Ranking assures more click and more business-Simple!

Report You Will Get-

  • For which keywords is your website ranked in the focused market?
  • How are your competitors ranked for these keywords?
  • How is your website ranked on mobile devices?

Content Analysis

Content is what drives Google to your website, and Contetn is which keep visitors on your website and keep them visiting them.

What is Quality Content-

  • It should Answer the Questions of the visitors
  • Help them to make an informed decision
  • Start conversation with you
  • Duplicate content

We will review your and competitors site for Quality of Content and recommend you the step you should take to improve visitors experience, which in turn will improve ranking and result from your website.

Website Design Analysis-

  • How it supports the content
  • IA- How information is structured, place on a webpage, especially the home page.
  • Easy to find what
  • Appealing
  • Fast to load
  • Mobile Friendly

Website Optimisation-

On Page Optimisation Check

On-page, optimization is activities we do on your website to improve its communication with Search Engines like Google, Bing, etc and get higher ranking in the Search Result.

There are simple factors like

  • Content on Pages
  • Title, Meta Description
  • Heading of the page
  • Image tag
  • Dead Link on website
  • Internal Site Structure

To highly technical SEO points like

  • SCHEMA Mark up
  • XML Sitemap
  • Google Analytics Code Implementation
  • Google Search Console verification
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Page Load Time

We will evaluate your, and your competitor's site for 20+ factors.

Off-Page Optimisation Check

Why It matter-

Backlinks are still an important ranking signal for Google.

  • We will analyze-
  • Backlink Profile of your website
  • Backlink Profile of your competitor's website
  • Any harmful link to be removed

It will provide a roadmap for the link building in the future. Which in turn will improve the ranking of your website.

What Will Be Outcome?

Two Page, Actionable Report Created By a human being.

We will give you actionable, Two Page Report after distilling numerous reports derived from a plethora of tools we use to analyze your site. ( Still, you have an option of asking all reports we studied to arrive on Two Page Recommendations.)

Any developer, designer, SEO guy (worth their salt) will able to implement our two-page recommendations and get the result.

Human being creates all reports and not a typical software generated one.

How we charge? It depends on size of site, competitors and keywords to analysis.

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